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Golfclub Quick Check (GQC) - half uur

  • Golfclub Quick Check (GQC) - half uur

Laat uw clubs nakijken binnen het Golfclub Quick Check (GQC) programma (exclusief aanpassingen)


In any level of golf, you as a person are unique and therefore so is your swing. In a wide range of studies within the golfing industry, results show that over 90% of golfers are playing with clubs that are not fitted correctly. This is one of the main reasons that so many golfers get frustrated with the game and show no signs of improvement. If your clubs are fitted correctly your swing will follow a more natural path and improve your shot consistency. If you have not already had your clubs checked then don’t wait, get your clubs checked out with a Golf-Club Quick Check. (You will feel the improvement)

Check the length of the clubs against the players set up

Check the swing weight of each club

Check the flex of each club (frequency check)

Check that the grip size is correct on each club for the player

Report giving recommendations

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Golfclub Quick Check


Golfclub Quick Check (GQC) - half uur


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